Subscription profile overview

This API allows to enable and disable capabilities for a subscription and get subscription information. In order to access this API your credentials need to have the and subscription.write rights.

Subscription API

This API allows you to retrieve information about the subscriber, including which services are enabled.

Provisioning API

The API is based on a concept of actions with each action having a specific use case. The /provision/v2/[ACTIONNAME] endpoints manage provisioning requests. The requests instruct the network to update user profiles. It is designed as a standard REST API where multiple requests can be handled in parallel.

All requests use the POST HTTP method.

We verify that the API key supplied is authorised to operate on behalf of that network and secondly that the user or MSISDN indicated in the request was created by the same network.

The API does not give access to the actual data stored about individual subscribers.

Standard replies:

  • 201: Provision success. Will return the request ID for the created resource.


    "requestid": "f2feb5be78cf4b03a28834729c44e3a2",
  • 400: Invalid action arguments.
  • 404: Subscription or sim not found.
  • 429: Rate limit exceeded.
  • 500, 502: Internal error.

As a general reporting strategy the API responds with 201 to a duplicate request if the original was successful (idempotency).

Provisioning API v2 reference