Create OAuth 2.0 client

In order to use our OAuth flow, you will need to create an OAuth client. This client is tied to a product in the Developer Portal.

Create client

  1. Sign up at developer.wgtwo.comopen in new window. Use your work email.
  2. Create an organization
  3. Create a product
  4. Go to the clients tab, and click CREATE NEW CLIENT

If you are creating a product for subscribers, you will need to fill in your redirect URIs as you will be using OAuth 2.0's Authorization Code Flow.

For operator products this is not required as you will be using the Client Credentials Flow.

Set scopes

Client descriptionthis is a test
Login redirect URIs
Post revoke consent redirect URIs

The returned credentials will be displayed only once, so make sure to save them.

Set scopes

  1. Go to the SCOPES tab
  2. Enable the three standard OAuth 2.0 scopes

Set scopes

Enable product for operator

  1. Go to the LISTING tab
  2. Select the operators you want to make your product available for. Operators will then be able to enable this product for their subscribers.

You can now use APIs

You can now start playing with our APIs.

In order to get your product displayed in Storefrontopen in new window you will need to fill in additional details, but these details are not required for the technical integration (using APIs).

All fields can be changed until you submit your product.


OAuth 2.0 Reference